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November 25, 2017



6. Advertising system on Facebook:


On the other hand, social networks are, as we have already indicated in other opportunities, the means par excellence to promote our courses. For the same, via attached to this statement you will find a document that explains the steps to make the payments of ads and direct them to advertising on Instagram.


In front of this, I would like to inform you that Facebook is a platform that does not work like a newspaper, where normally the ads respond to the graphic and informative construction that the advertiser wants. Contrary to this, Facebook has some rules in its promotion and publicity policy regarding how the information should be presented to its users. In this sense you can differentiate two types of designs that we will provide: ads with detailed information and announcements with a punctual message and only the logo.


The reality is that Facebook has an intelligent system to advertise through the information that users provide daily on the network. If you remember your last search in Google or in some other search engine, for example the search for "exercise machines", you will find that much of the advertising on Facebook, Youtube and web pages, will present promotions of exercise machines.


This system of using the information of the users is important to recognize in order to correctly apply the benefits of digital marketing:


a- Ads paid on Facebook do not need too much text, since Facebook wants to present attractive content for its users. For this reason, its evaluation system gives a negative score to the vectorization and to the texts.


b- It is not necessary that the images contain written characteristics of the users we want to reach (for example, demographic characteristics). As explained above, Facebook has the search and interest information of all users, so it distributes the contents according to the segmentation that we indicate during the advertising purchase process.


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